Appreciation is important to me, designing gives me the greatest pleasure!

I’ve studied graphic design at the Academy of Figurative Arts Minerva in Groningen. After successful completion I went to work at a graphic design agency. This is where I used my creativity in the design of logos, corporate identities and more, sometimes individually and sometimes in a team and for various clients.

I was also looking for a way to share my own ideas and expressions which led to exhibits of my own abstract artwork. A few years ago I decided to specialize in charters. My father was chairman of the KNZB Kring Groningen and was under the impression that officials should receive more appreciation. He asked me to create something interesting to give to someone who had meant a lot to the KNZB, after which I designed a combination of a work of art and a charter. Apparently this was well received.

After the KNZB Kring Groningen, Kring Drenthe, Overijssel and Gelderland soon followed suit. I figured if they like it, there must be others who would be interested. was born, and it turned out to be a home run right from the start.

Employees that feel appreciated work harder, take more responsibility, behave in a more flexible manner and are more capable of working towards the interests of the organization. An especially appreciated colleague exudes a positive influence and becomes a role model for others. An employer that expresses his or her appreciation publicly will be held in higher regard by his or her employees in return. A company that shows its appreciation on a regular basis exhibits a better atmosphere and company culture.

Simply put: I believe appreciation works and it can improve every organization. As a specialist in appraisals, I would love to talk to you about the ways appreciation can take your organization forward.

If you were to ask me what I would like to achieve, my answer would be that I hope it will become a habit to appreciate each other more often and more openly,privately, but also specifically within organizations and companies. It is my conviction that the world will become a better place, more tolerant and with more understanding.

I would appreciate that, and that’s what I strive for!

Renée Bergman