New: leather or leatherette folders

New in our collection are document folders of leather or leatherette. Leather and leatherette charter folders are available in many colors and textures. The folders can be printed with
your logo or another image by means of a foil print or embossing into the folder.

Foil stamping is the transfer of foil having a cliché or stamp at high temperature. Embossing is by applying a pressure relief in the leather.

The folders are not only suitable for diplomas or certificates , as well as other official documents or marriage certificates .

Because of the many options and versions are the prices for the folders on request. The folders have a delivery time of 3 to 4 weeks.

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Handmade boxes for charters

New to are the handmade boxes. The boxes are made ​​to measure and fit the style of the document . With the linen -covered boxes can be provided with , for example, a relief on the front . The boxes can be made in various colors framed charters on A4 or A3 size.